Last Post


Thanks for all the support over the past few years. Today I’ve decided to close the doors of my blog. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop telling my story. I”ve been posting religiously every day since December of 2011. That’s a lot of posting. It’s been my daily journal of my triumphant return to cycling after a long hiatus. It’s helped me keep track of my rides, training as well as serve as an inspiration for cycling in general.

I love to share my adventures with y’all! I plan on posting to my Google+ page for the most part, and I hope to stay in touch. Google+ offers community pages that give my stories instant viewership and reach. Photos and albums are another great reason why I’m making the switch. Shoot me a note and I’ll add you to my Spinning Around in Circles Google+ Circle.

Thanks again, and hope to see you out on the trails and roads ahead.

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I got the win in the Cat. 1 19-34 XC race at Toro Park this morning. I wasn’t feeling super stoked about racing, but once I got going I felt better and better. I raced on my trail bike, and was seriously outgunned as soon as the start whistle went off. I let the fast guys go, a couple of them in my category and just played my long game. Continue reading

Baby Race


Oh shit, I shouldn’t have touched the brakes on my Epic. I needed to bleed them desperately, and I don’t have the proper tools to do so. Tomorrow I’m racing at Toro Park, and it looks like I’ll be slinging my leg over my trail bike, ‘Baby’, a Stumpjumper FSR Evo. Not the worst thing in the world given the bike can totally shred downhill. It’s the long uphill grind I’m worried about. Here goes nothing.

Quad Killer


Last night’s ride with running shoes did a number on my quads. Having to push that hard, foot curled and cramping, struggling to stay on really scorched my legs. Walking around the office is fine, but I knew if I were to get on a bike I’d have absolutely nothing, hence the day off.

I Forgot My Shoes, But Rode Anyways


I jumped into my car after work, drove all the way up to Skeggs, and kicked myself in the ass for not bringing my shoes! I think that’s a first for me. Nearly defeated I decided to give it a go anyways. What could go wrong, right? Luckily I had a pair of old Nike running shoes in my trunk, which provided a good amount of squish, and the waffle pattern of the tread hooked up better than expected. On the downhills I forgot how easy it is for your body to come detached from the bike. I nearly bucked myself off a few times going down Manzanita. I grunted it out and hammered the whole way. Lesson learned, but I got some major kudos from my buds for braving it.



I still had a little bit more left in the tank for Monday’s lunch ride. For some reason we all decided to do the Day Road loop. I wanted to go easy, but the group kept splitting into two. I found myself bridging up to the breakaway, getting caught, then sprinting for nothing. It’s Monday for crying out loud, and I just raced yesterday. It was fun nonetheless.

Big Win in Vacaville


Had another amazing race this weekend, this one being the most exciting finish to date. It was The Rockhopper Classic up in Vacaville, CA. The completely exposed course saw temperatures reaching the upper 90ºs at times. I narrowly got the win as well as the USAC Cat. 1 XC State Championship title and jersey. Not sure how that worked out, but it happened. Continue reading

Easy Now


Had a great ride up in Skeggs this morning with my friend Josh. The weather was absolutely perfect, and nobody was out to tear each other apart. Just a nice leisurely paced ride in the woods. I brought out my trail bike and focused on not putting any power on the climbs, keeping it Zone 3 or less. The morning ride was perfect in that it gave me the rest of the day to recover before the race tomorrow.