April 20, 2014


Finally, checked Water Dog off my list. Just a quick 20 minute ride south, and I’m in single track heaven. Water Dog isn’t too big, but it offers quite a bit of challenging trails. I only had an hour or so to explore, but I managed to cover a lot of ground. So thankful to have such a great bike park so close.

April 19, 2014


An amazing ride up Dirt Alpine and to the top of Black Mountain. Our group was great, mixed with some strong climbers and descenders. We rode close to 30 miles, climbing over 5,ooo’. (more…)

April 17, 2014


Wednesday nights brought out the biggest group at Skeggs I’ve ever seen. Last night marked the first Roaring Mouse ride of the season. It was rip roaring fun, chasing down my buddies Jeremy and David along with a solid handful of aspiring XC racers. I stuck it out with them, despite having worn out legs from my lunch rides up Coe. I put a few digs into the group, besting a bunch of my own personal records. Afterwards there was a bounty of food, beers and good company. You’ll definitely see me out there next week and the week after.

April 2, 2014


I worked from home today, and got out for a little head clearing ride to the Headlands. I dropped down into Coastal, but made my way back up to the road. The wind was blowing pretty hard, and I didn’t want to burn any matches prior to Sunday. It was a beautiful afternoon and a felt rather spry afterwards.

March 30, 2014


Skeggs in the mud isn’t that bad. It was pretty sticky in spots, but you can really throw the bike into those corners and let the dirt slide. My legs were feeling the fade from yesterday’s race, but my friend David and I decided early on that this was a fun ride. Hard pushes or pressure to climb the Strava ladder.

March 28, 2014


Keeping the dream alive with our weekly Harvey Bear Fridays ride. I spun it out with my friend Eric. I showed him the northern loop, the one with a long gradual fire road climb followed by a bombing single track descent. The weather was absolutely perfect. I needed to double check my rig before the race tomorrow. All dialed in.

March 22, 2014

Driving down to the Fresno area to pre-ride and get ready for tomorrow’s Big Sandy race. Looks like it’s gonna be a fine and fun day.

March 21, 2014


Fun dirt cruise at lunch time with my friend Eric from work. I showed him the south end of Harvey Bear park. He and I are racing this weekend so we kept the tempo rather smooth. He’s racing up in Lake Sonoma while I’ll be crushing it down in Fresno at the Big Sandy. My bike and legs are in tune. Let’s do this!

March 17, 2014


I worked from home today. Just needed some time to run a few errands while staying hyper focused on a few projects. In the afternoon I got out for a quick spin around McLaren Park. My bike needed some TLC, so after getting it all washed up I wanted to make sure everything was dialed in for this weekend. I’m racing The Big Sandy, just outside of Fresno. I raced the point-to-point event last year and won my category. This year the course is a lot longer, and I couldn’t have a more perfect bike for the course ahead. Fitness-wise I’m feeling a lot stronger this year. I’ve been having a great season so far, and hope to keep my winning streak alive.

March 15, 2014


I rode Demo with my friend David and crew. It was his birthday so he called the ride together. It’s been well over a year since I’ve ridden Demo, the last time being on my Open hardtail. I was aboard ‘Baby’ this time, and what difference a big squishy bike makes. It was so much fun. We had a great crew joining us. We had a couple flats in the group, one of which forced him to hike back. Ouch. We descended Sawpit, and looped around to do Braille. It was a nice ripping downhill followed by a gentle fire road climb. My legs were still fried from yesterday, but it didn’t stop me from having the time of my life. (more…)