I Forgot My Shoes, But Rode Anyways


I jumped into my car after work, drove all the way up to Skeggs, and kicked myself in the ass for not bringing my shoes! I think that’s a first for me. Nearly defeated I decided to give it a go anyways. What could go wrong, right? Luckily I had a pair of old Nike running shoes in my trunk, which provided a good amount of squish, and the waffle pattern of the tread hooked up better than expected. On the downhills I forgot how easy it is for your body to come detached from the bike. I nearly bucked myself off a few times going down Manzanita. I grunted it out and hammered the whole way. Lesson learned, but I got some major kudos from my buds for braving it.

Easy Now


Had a great ride up in Skeggs this morning with my friend Josh. The weather was absolutely perfect, and nobody was out to tear each other apart. Just a nice leisurely paced ride in the woods. I brought out my trail bike and focused on not putting any power on the climbs, keeping it Zone 3 or less. The morning ride was perfect in that it gave me the rest of the day to recover before the race tomorrow.

Double Flat Skeggs Edition



The Wednesday night Skeggs raid (race/ride) saw two flats from myself and my boy David on Steam Donkey. Mine ended up being quite the thrill. I hit something pretty hard and burped my front tire. Lesson learned. Do not continue to ride when your front tire goes flat. I thought I could ride it out to the end of the trail, but as soon as I started to shift my weight to set up a corner my tire washes out and I’m flying off the side of the trail. Close call. It could have been a lot worse. I brush myself off, fairly unscathed. Thanks to Jon for giving me a tube and some air, as well as helping out Dave sort out his flat. I slow pedal my way back to the B ride group and take it easy. Up until the crash I was absolutely ripping it, collecting some Strava hardware along the way.

Cool Down



I got out of work a little early for a quick cool down lap at Skeggs. It was foggy and cold by the time I made it over to the Peninsula, but it felt nice to go at a nice leisurely pace for once. Just wanted to make sure that my systems were in check prior to Sunday.

Coin Collecting


Had an absolute stellar afternoon ride with the Skeggs Wednesday night crew. I put in a good ol’ effort going down Blue Blossom, snagging a few top 10′s while staying upright and straight-faced. I was also awarded the MVP coin by Jeremy for hammering out the gate, chasing down Collet. I needed a hard effort to get myself ready mentally for the sufferfest on Sunday. It’s a big race for me, and I know all the locals will be out to see what’s up. I hope to give em’ some Peninsula riding hell.

Trail Bonk



I got thoroughly crushed by these guys today on our what was supposed to be a steady jaunt through Skeggs and over to Purisima and back. We did around 30 miles and over 7,500′ of climbing. The sun was out and we came to play. The locals showed us some sketchy descents, full of drops and steep shoots all the way to the bottom. I wish I had my Epic, as everyone was on their race steeds. The dropper (post) was welcomed, but the extra five pounds not so much. I blazed downhill and grunted my way up to the top, full jersey zipper undone, showing off my hot bod. I eventually bonked having had a poor breakfast, lack of food and water. It’s all part of my bonk training program – know your limits! Great day of riding with some skilled friends.

More Cups, Coins & Crowns



Another ripping fast and furious crew at the Wednesday night Skeggs outing. I was feeling rather feisty and hammered anything I could until I hammered enough. I got a lot of Strava cups, crowns, a couple of KOMs as well as my coin from Jeremy for last week’s effort. This week was a heated battle all the way from the bottom to the creek to the top of Methusela. I was joined by two talented climbers and ended up conceding my spot to one of them. I rode my Epic, which is slowly getting reconfigured to become an even racier and slimmer version of itself. A lot of static weight is being shaved off one piece at a time.

Going After More Coins



Another crazy fast group on Wednesday evening at Skeggs. I managed to snag another coin from Jeremy’s secret competition. This time on the long climb back from the backside all the way to the start of Blue Blossom. I rounded up a good amount of Strava cups in the process, but failed to even attempt cleaning any portion of South Leaf. Still hate it. I ended up running like a fool on many techy sections.